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Are you ready to start your real estate career? Or are you an established associate in need of renewing your license, perhaps even seeking to become a broker? Perhaps you hesitate because other classroom courses seem outdated about technologies used in the industry.

You don’t have to wait or worry to pursue continuing education. At Merrickdamon, our real estate courses will ensure that you reach your highest potential while presenting properties to interested buyers, as well as happiness in your life.

MerrickDamon is the top school of real estate in Florida. Our education courses are thorough to ensure that you are extremely qualified and understand the newest technologies associated with the industry. We instill lifelong habits to ensure that you can remain motivated and manage properties efficiently.

The Values Our School Offers

At MerrickDamon, we believe in self-improvement. Every person is capable of achieving great things, both in and outside of real estate sales. We treat every student equally to help them reach their highest potential.

One of the first steps toward that is determining how to perform at your best every day, in all facets of life. We believe that you take that leap by trying something new, outside of your comfort zone. That could be as simple as finding a hobby that will help you unwind after a long day at work or an outlet by which to manage stress.

The second step is identifying your dreams and career aspirations, and developing a plan for achieving them. You will be happier in life when you know exactly what you want and have a plan on how to read it.

The third step is maintaining motivation. It is easy to get burned out, even from a job that you love. Having strategies to build motivation throughout the workday and seize inspiration to solve problems. This way you avoid losing the joy in your life.

In addition to these steps, we believe in resilience. Real estate is a competitive industry, with dozens of associates and brokers rushing to make that sale. You will face obstacles, and sometimes even losses. The important thing is that you know how to get back up when life and a lost commission knocks you down. MerrickDamon teaches you how to do that.

Build Your Real Estate Career

A qualified student needs to meet several standards to obtain their Florida real estate license. The first is taking a pre-licensing course at an accredited institution and passing the required exam. If you want to become a broker, then you need even more experience when obtaining the education requirements.

You are our top priority. We want to ensure that you learn more than the mandated requirements to obtain your associate or broker’s license. That means you become a well-rounded person that can balance your work and home life.

Get Started With MerrickDamon’s Licensing Courses

MerrickDamon is the perfect school that will provide a well-rounded real estate education, with lessons that you can take home with you. Get our exclusive education training videos and 6 months’ worth of access to RealDax technology.

Contact us today to get started, to schedule your first education course. Let’s make you ace all of your final exams, with one year of instructor support and our full classroom schedule.