Florida 60 Credit Hour Broker Post Licensing Online Course

Renew Your Florida’s Real Estate Broker’s License Online

Our self paced and on demand online broker post license course provides the FREC required 60 hour credit necessary for the first renewal of a Florida broker license. We cover all the necessary knowledge that brokers must understand so as to validate their renewal.

The course is broken into 2 mini courses that will teach you real world real estate knowledge that you can apply to your business. The course contains interactive modules, chapter videos, drag-and-drop exercises, and progress checks throughout the entire course. 

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Our Florida Real Estate Brokers Post Licensing Guide is the most comprehensive broker post licensing course in the state of Florida. This course combines interactive lessons to review at your own pace, interactive exercises, visually stimulating instructional graphics, explainer videos and practice exams that ensure your understanding of the material.
The course is broken into 2 mini courses, each one costs $119 and both include:
Florida Real Estate Commission Approved Course and Exam
Supplemental Materials
Free Access to RealDAX Innovative Technology
Completion Certificate required for State Exam
Dedicated Technical Support Team
We Offer Payment Plans and Exclusive One Year Retake Guarantee
Lifetime Continuing Education through MD University
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  • Trusted by 1,000's to Start Career
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  • Dedicated Instructor Support Team
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1-Year Retake Guarantee
  • 1-Year Instructor Support
  • Free Access to Latest Real Estate Technology
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Online Course Advantages
  • Easiest and Fastest way to complete the course
  • Access the course at anytime via any internet connected computer
  • State of the Art REcampus Online Classroom
  • No Shipping and nothing will be downloaded to your computer
  • Works on both PC and Mac Systems
  • Instant feedback on assignments
  • Work at your own Pace

Benefits Of Our Continuing Education Courses

Our modules ensure that you can save time and effort when undergoing the renewal cycle. Review core laws and any updates to regulations at your leisure, while completing the minimum 60 hours that are required for broker renewal.

Instead of being limited to physical classes or the Florida Real Estate Commission’s three-hour weekly meetings, you can complete the modules on your own time. Our course gives you more flexibility so that you can account for unpredictable work schedules or emergencies. You also save on the costs of commuting to physical locations, as traffic volume increases in Florida.

In addition, these license renewal courses allow you to go beyond basic real estate facts. You can delve into specialty residential knowledge, or study niche marketing. That gives you a competitive advantage.

Florida’s beaches are a high selling point, as one example, and some buyers will pay several million dollars to have a view of the ocean sunrise. Having knowledge about these sorts of properties will give you an edge over competitors. The same goes for if someone wants a house in Winter Park.

State of Florida Broker Licensing Requirements
  • 2 Years of Active Experience (Within Last 5 Years - Can be Outside of Florida)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Posses a US Social Security Number
  • Approval of State Application
  • Complete Broker Pre-Licensing Course
  • Pass End of Course Exam
  • Pass State Exam
  • Florida Residency is NOT Required

Educational Requirements for Renewal

Congratulations to you, broker! You have proven yourself a capable and orderly manager of real estate sales and people’s properties. After spending several years as an associate and applying for additional licensing, you should take pride in your journey. We want to help you maintain the level of progress.

Once you obtain your real estate license to operate in the state of Florida as a broker, you still have to maintain it. The renewal process for brokers involves 60 hours of post-license courses, at minimum. Brokers must complete this education at a certified real estate school, like Merrick Damon Real Estate School.

An important note: if you do more than 60 hours, the extra credits do not transfer into the next renewal cycle. They instead are swallowed up by the system and you still have to complete the minimum each time.

Providing Proof Of Course Completion

Once you have passed the course, you may wonder what is next. You have to notify the state of Florida that you have passed the course, provide the renewal fee, as well as the necessary paperwork.

In compliance with Florida law, we will send proof of your attendance after you fill out the online form in a timely fashion. The Florida Department of Business and regulation will then finalize your renewal.

All Classes Include 6 Month FREE Access to RealDAX Technology
RealDax access gives you Instant Market Data, Smart Property Finder, Financial Proformas, One Click CMA, Deal flow management, and even includes access to Cryptocurrencies. With this powerful resource, you can start your real estate journey even before taking your first class.
Courses Backed by Merrick Damon
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Merrick Damon is one of the most influential broker in the real estate industry. With more than 50 combined years’ experience and more than 1 billion dollars in sales, MerrickDamon Real Estate is comprised of customer-focused entrepreneurs who are dedicated to fulfilling real estate dreams.
A complete renewal consists of completing both of the following 30-hour courses.
FL Broker Post License Management
$ 120
An applications-oriented approach to becoming more effective managers, leaders, and communicators, with students learning about trends in professional development, including formal mentoring and cross-training.
Florida Real Estate Commission Approved Course and Exams
Access to a State Certified Instructor for Course Material Questions
Dedicated Technical Support Team
1-Year Retake Guarantee
Detailed Printable Outline of the Course
Completion Certificate
Reporting to the Florida DBPR
Diploma Great for Framing
FL Broker Post License Investment
$ 119
An effective blend of theory and practice to help students navigate potential investment opportunities in the real estate market. Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) approved.
Florida Real Estate Commission Approved Course and Exams
Access to a State Certified Instructor for Course Material Questions
Dedicated Technical Support Team
1-Year Retake Guarantee
Detailed Printable Outline of the Course
Completion Certificate
Reporting to the Florida DBPR
Diploma Great for Framing
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