Florida Real Estate License Requirements

Florida Real Estate License Requirements

People constantly want to buy houses in Florida. The Sunshine State is renowned for its namesake climate, which is great for retirees and business people seeking refuge from busy work schedules. It’s no surprise that real estate keeps growing, as new and established residents seek condominiums and houses. No one can resist the allure of the Atlantic Ocean breeze wafting onto the beach or the hustle and bustle of Miami and Orlando.

Not everyone can, however, host an open house for a property that belongs to another owner. Selling your own house and managing the sales is perfectly legal. To make a living out of selling houses, however, you need a real estate license. That way you can hold a position as a real estate agent, associate, or even a broker if you complete additional requirements. With the lucrative field growing, you can become a very successful agent.

Basic Requirements For Becoming Licensed In Florida

You can’t skip any of these steps. There are no shortcuts to becoming a real estate agent. Some requirements take more time than others, depending on the paperwork you already have.

First, you need to be a legal adult to hold a license. If you are eighteen years of age or older, then you already pass the first requirement, but you also need a certified high school diploma or equivalent. An alternative diploma is not accepted at all institutions; double-check if you need to pass the GED as well. You must have a Social Security number as well.

Continuing Education

Florida Real Estate License RequirementsOnce you have your 18 years, diploma and Social Security in Order, you need to take a minimum of 63 hours worth of pre-licensing courses. These 63 hours need to be completed within two years of you applying for the license, and the program has to be certified and approved by the state. MerrickDamon has several courses that you can use to reach that high grade.

Then submit your application for a real estate license, and prepare to pay the $89 USD application fee. Also prepare to be fingerprinted and entered into the state system of real estate agents.

You then need to pass the Florida sales associate exam, which Pearson Vue administers. A 75 or higher score is required. Or take the Florida Real Estate Licensing exam and receive a minimum score of 30. Either way, you need to put in the work, study, and pass the test fairly.

After passing the test, activate your license as quickly as possible. That way it won’t expire. Then you can get started on selling properties and working for agencies.

When you need to renew your license, prepare to take a 45-min post-licensing course. That way you can brush up on knowledge and learn about new laws or trends. If you maintain that, you can keep your license for years.

Learn More About Florida Real Estate Law From MerrickDamon

MerrickDamon is a renowned real estate school that will help students with associate and broker licensing. We have years of experience in assisting you to become a fully licensed agent or real estate broker, and you will become the best in the field.

Contact us today to schedule your first course. You can pass that final exam and successfully complete all of the requirements.