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Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?

It’s estimated that between now and 2024, the number of real estate professionals will grow 3 percent. That’s according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which also estimates that the number of brokers will grow 2 percent in that same time.

Florida Real Estate License Requirements

People constantly want to buy houses in Florida. The Sunshine State is renowned for its namesake climate, which is great for retirees and business people seeking refuge from busy work schedules. It’s no surprise that real estate keeps growing.

Top Real Estate School In Florida

Are you ready to start your real estate career? Or are you an established associate in need of renewing your license, perhaps even seeking to become a broker? Perhaps you hesitate because other classroom courses seem outdated about technologies used in the industry.

Dream of Success and Plan to Succeed

I was always told as a kid, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” and there is no place where this is truer than in the arena of real estate investing. Because of all the factors that can effect a real estate transaction.

Real Estate Strategy and Investing

My phone rang, and at the other end was someone who can safely be called a risky investor. He was from, and in, California, and at the moment he was barreling down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Modern Realty, Old Fashioned Principles

There’s a downside to living in a society in which endless information from the internet is available (unless you live in North Korea) at the touch of a button. As a real estate professional.

Pushing Open the Door to Home Ownership

It’s sometimes hard to imagine, but the “American Dream” of homeownership really is within the grasp of almost any person who is willing to do the work and knock on the right doors.

The RockyRoad to Real Estate Investment

Like climbing a mountain, finding the “perfect” real estate investment requires your full attention and navigation skills. To be successful, Real Estate is a field that typically requires seasoned professionals at the wheel. Through experience, successes, and failures.

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