Pushing Open the Door to Home Ownership

It’s sometimes hard to imagine, but the “American Dream” of homeownership really is within the grasp of almost any person who is willing to do the work and knock on the right doors.

It may take some work, but, like any door, if you keep pushing on the door to homeownership, it will eventually open.

Think about all the times in life when someone slammed a door in your face. True, it’s never a good feeling, but when it happened, were you the type to turn and walk away, or did you continually push until something opened?

When it comes to buying a house, you shouldn’t be surprised if some doors get closed in your face. Purchasing a house is not as easy as just walking in and making an offer. Like everything else in life that’s worthwhile, it takes work.

As most first-time homebuyers quickly learn, the process of buying a first home can be tedious. It’s a very difficult process that begins even before you start to actually shop for a home. The first step is to learn whether you can even afford a home. Home financing is usually an education that’s troubling to come by: Buyers are placed in the grueling position of having to reveal all the intimate details of their financials, and this can be uncomfortable for even the most financially fit among us.

Allowing someone to see how much money you earn, what bills you owe, and what your past credit history looks like is extremely personal. However, this course in the true cost of homeownership is invaluable, as it gives you a firsthand exposure to the importance played by taxes, assessments, mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance, and all the other obligations that come with

Once these challenges start to appear, it’s easy for the benefits of homeownership to get lost in the mire, but it’s important at this stage to acknowledge the process, and to set clear goals from the
beginning. Don’t get lost or become off-track merely because it’s not as easy walking into a department store and making a purchase. I tell clients not to get distracted by hurdles or by the sound of one door closing, but instead to look for the next one to open. Homes are the most expensive items you will buy in your entire life, so it’s okay to take your time.

Perseverance is another thing that must be factored into the homeownership process. As with most things in life, when times get tough, you have to carry on. Due to the many factors that effect a real estate translation—securing a loan, appraisals, surveys, multiple offers—it is nearly impossible to expect that things will proceed without a single snag.

In our business, many deals are lost due to misinformation, a lack of knowledge, a rush to judgment, and failure to meet deadlines. The wise course is to stay patient and calm when times get rough.


  • Set clear goals
  • Persevere
  • Stay optimistic

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