The MerrickBundle: GA Salesperson Pre-License Course & Exam Prep


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Course Content

Unit 1 Introduction to the Real Estate Business

Unit 2: Real Property and the Law

Unit 3: Fair Housing

Unit 4: Interests in Real Estate

Unit 5: Forms of Real Estate Ownership

Unit 6: Land Description

Unit 7: Transfer of Title

Unit 8: Title Records

Unit 9: Real Estate Brokerage

Unit 10: Real Estate Agency

Unit 11: Client Representation Agreements

Unit 12: Real Estate Contracts

Unit 13: Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens

Unit 14: Real Estate Financing

Unit 15: Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing

Unit 16: Real Estate Appraisal

Unit 17: Closing the Real Estate Transaction

Unit 18: Leases

Unit 19: Property Management

Unit 20: Land-Use Controls and Property Development

Unit 21: Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction

Unit 22: Investing in Real Estate

Unit 23: Ownership

Unit 24: Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act


Unit 25: Contract Forms for Real Estate Practice in Georgia

Unit 26: Financing and Closing Residential Transactions

Unit 27: Real Estate Commission and License Law

& 2 Day State Exam Prep Course

Additional Information

Atlanta, GA

Dates & Times

Nov 6 – Nov 19, M-F 6-10pm & Sa/Su 8am-5pm, Dec 4 – Dec 17, M-F 6-10pm & Sa/Su 8am-5pm, Jan 8 – Jan 21, M-F 6-10pm & Sa/Su 8am-5pm

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